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Even With Interest in Beer Brewing Still High, Many More Explore the Intricacies of Wine Making

For decades now, millions of Americans have been brewing their own beer. When then President Jimmy Carter signed legislation allowing for the small-scale, home-based production of alcoholic beverages like beer, mead, and wine, countless people rejoiced. For a long time, the main focus throughout most of the country was on brewing up and bottling batches of beer, a fitting movement to coincide with the renewed interest in craft-scale commercial brewing.

In recent years, though, a new sort of focus has emerged. More people today are looking beyond the traditional confines of home brewing and seeking out ways to brew different beverages entirely. While beer can undoubtedly be satisfying to brew at home, many are discovering just how rewarding it can be to create their own wine vintages, as well.

To be fair, it can be a little harder to get started with making wine. Beer production relies on simple commodity ingredients like barley and dried hops, materials whose quality varies relatively little from batch to batch. Making great wine, though, requires finding and using the best possible grapes, with the crops from particular areas and years ranging wildly in terms of how suitable they are for the purpose.

It can also be a little more difficult to acquire other wine-making resources, although this is starting to change, too. Wine has to be fermented for quite a bit longer than beer does before it will be ready for bottling, and then it needs to left undisturbed in bottled form for even longer. While some few wines can be enjoyed relatively young and fresh, most will need months or more of resting time, meaning that it can more challenging than with beer to arrange for the space.

Once those issues are conquered, though, most new wine makers find the hobby to be smooth sailing. With it already being easy enough to acquire high quality bottles and corks, the recent available of equally satisfying make your own wine labels has been a further bright spot for the hobby. These custom made wine labels make it simple for anyone to create a distinctive, personal brand and to share the results with friends in ways that will be remembered.